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We beat pawn shop and trade in prices.
The difference is huge, we search and compare all public advertised buy back prices and beat the top price for you. Educate yourself and don't fall victim to interest rates at pawn shops. Don't waste time and money with the pawn shops and exchanges in Milwaukee, get the most cash for your electronics.
Why choose
Designed to be quick and easy, the difference is night and day and you simply receive more money. Turn your used electronics into cash. is the only alternative to the pawn shops in Milwaukee. It's the fastest and easiest way to get paid! Sell you iPhone, smartphone, iPad, iPod, laptop and more! The process is quick and usually takes less than five minutes to leave with cash in hand!

Do you buy all electronics?

No, we don't buy all electronics. We only purchase newer brand name devices. Please view our list of items we don't buy.

Do you purchase US Cellular & Sprint?
We purchase newer model US Cellular and Sprint devices like the iPhone, Galaxy, LG and HTC.
Can anyone sell an item?

Anyone who is 18 years of age with a valid ID can sell an item.

Why must you see it in person?

We must visually inspect all items in our store location before any negotiations take place. A tech must check the condition and value.

Do I need to factory reset my device?

Please have your device charged and factory reset (delete all of your data and passwords). We will not quote any device without witnessing it power on with all passwords removed.

What if my device does not power on?

If you wish to sell an Apple product, it must power on and screen must be useable in order to remove the password. We may consider non powering devices depending on the original value.

Do you pay more than competitors?

Our customers tell us we pay more than the competitors in the area. Many times customers will get quoted elsewhere and end up coming right back.

Fast Local Cash

We will happily purchase any type of newer technology you have to offer, regardless if it's broken.

If you are looking for a place to sell your broken electronics you are in luck. We pay you much more than the local pawn shops in Milwaukee. We are the best and only alternative to receive cash in Milwaukee today. That means you won't have to waste your precious time waiting in a long line for a lowball offer or be forced to accept store credit. After all, store credit is the last thing you need. We are located conveniently at 3430 W National Ave, Milwaukee. Forget the pawn shops, forget the auctions, forget the store credit, visit

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US Cellular

Sell your used
US Cellular
smartphone for cash.

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Sell your used
Sprint smartphone
for cash today.

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